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Lidia Nagy

designer of The Line Jewelry


Raised in a family of artists Lidia was surrounded by creativity and craftsmanship already from a very young age.

While her actress mother was designing and sewing clothes, handmade toys and home interiors, her father was designing and directing lightning in theatres. Her aunt played cello in Vienna, her godmother was a painter in Italy and her grandfather revolutionised the library system in Hungary...

With a university degree in Economics, she has always loved the world of the fashion industry.

She worked as a fashion model for twenty years and managed her own clothing business with her brother, then she was operating a fashion boutique in Budapest.

With horses playing a very important role throughout her life, she continues to fulfil this passion today by competing as an amateur showjumping rider.

Her lifelong love for creating jewelry came from having been fascinated by a goldsmith friend of her family from the time she was a little girl.

Encouraged by her life partner-Italian designer Alessandro Albanese-she has followed her Dream...and launched her own line of finely hand crafted silver and solid gold jewelry.

THE LINE is born, being a word-play of her initials as well.

Her visions are carefully worked by a master goldsmith in Budapest.Every piece is individually fully handmade with the highest quality using only precious metals.

The collection evokes a minimalist, feminine and effortless style that can be worn on any occasion… whether for casual days or for glamorous high fashion events.

Her design has a sophisticated simplicity, mostly inspired by her passion for horses and riding.

THE LINE raises the realm of modern luxury to a new level of stunning, contemporary personal expression.